I am the talent.

Before you go any further, you should know this: we're not people pushers. We don't sell resumes. We don't believe in quantity over quality.

At inceed, we believe in a novel concept; getting to know you. We'll actually talk to you, not just fill out a form. We'll find out what you want, then do everything we can to find a match. After all, enjoying your work is all about the fit.

Is it the right pay? The right culture? The right place for you? If you're not happy with the fit, we're not doing our job. It's that simple.

Sounds a lot like common sense, doesn't it? Well, you'd be surprised. Or maybe, you've already been surprised somewhere else. If that's the case, or you just don't want to chance it, give us a call.

"I am more than my resume, and my goal is not just to make it onto a list of candidates. Inceed gets that." — Suzie Driscoll, Placed by Inceed


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