Engagement Options

There's more than one way to get hired. Which one fits you?

Contract Positions

We fill long- and short-term positions. Either way, you get the benefits of being part of the inceed family, with access to health insurance, 401K, vacation pay and more. Plus, your choice of direct-deposit or old-fashioned hand-delivery for your pay. And before your contract is up, we're all over it. Finding you another one, minimizing downtime.

Contract-to-hire Positions

Like dating before marriage, this is the opportunity to make sure it will be a good long term fit. We'll give you all the inceed benefits mentioned above, and we'll continually check in to make sure it's working out the way we all expected.

Permanent Placement Positions

We'll be by your side during the whole hiring process. We'll help you understand the client culture. What a day in the life looks like. We'll give you the details…benefits, hours, parking, etc. And, we will make sure they know your compensation goals. You will make a decision on facts and so will the client. Once you are placed, we won't forget about you. We will stay in touch to make sure you are enjoying your new career.

Payroll Services

Even if you already have a contract assignment lined up, we can handle the billing, collections, employment taxes and all the other mind-numbing paperwork and details. (Seriously. Do you really want to be responsible for General Liability, Worker's Compensation policies, insurance bonds and other forms of security the client's going to need?)

See current job openings or contact us for more information.

"I like having the variety of contract work and still getting the security of benefits like insurance and a 401k." — Jane McDunnough, Project Manager


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