Like a lot of companies, we offer staffing services for technology professionals — from CIOs to helpdesk. What's not like those other companies, is how we do it.

Let's get real here; we won't pressure you to take a job that is not a good fit. We won't ask you to take below-market pay. We won't pretend to have a job when we don't.

We will dive deep into your resume, your references, and what you're looking for. We'll probably learn what you want and don't want. And that's good. Your story is better than your resume and we want to tell it. You need someone to help you stand out. That's us.

We have deep relationships with the best companies. We know who is hiring. Give us a call and we'll get to know you, too. Your skills. Your personality. Even your wish list. Then, we'll get to work.

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"I got a contract position that's been great. In fact, It's been exactly what they said it would be." — Eric Johnson, Developer

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