Abbey Cox

Recruiter - Tulsa, OK

– I am from Claremore, OK which is 45 minutes northwest of Tulsa. The best way to describe Claremore is a smaller country town but not too small. We at least have a Chick-fil-a if that says anything.

– My mom has always been my biggest influence in life. She is the most intentional and caring person that I know and has taught me many important life skills/lessons. My mom is even more of a talker than I am which once you know me, you understand how extreme that statement is. She is my role model and has become my best friend.

– One of the greatest lessons I learned in my childhood is to act on things that set me up for success and are in my best interest but to know when to not get involved or shut down certain situations. I played basketball for most of my life, and I absolutely loved it but I had to learn how to handle defeat. The biggest lessons I learned with athletics was to never be satisfied with your abilities, take action to improve your game, and to be a team player. Once I worked on these three things, defeat became one of my biggest motivators to improve.

– I studied at Oklahoma State University with a major in Business Management and a minor in Psychology.

– I was involved in the Freshman Representative Council, Student Alumni Association, and I was the Recruitment Officer for Kappa Alpha Theta.

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