AJ Beagles

Recruiter - Oklahoma City, OK

I grew up in Yukon Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City. My hometown was small but constantly growing. I have many joyful memories of growing up in Yukon ranging from my high school years and even into adulthood. I am very excited for my son to experience the community and family atmosphere that I had.

My brother was my biggest influence growing up. As an orphan, I found that he was both a father figure as well as my big brother. Moreover, despite life circumstances, success is what you make it. Keep your head high and feel proud of who you are.

I attended Southwestern Christian University for Track and field, and then transferred to the University of central Oklahoma to complete my degree in History.
In college I participated in Track and field and intramural sports with my friends. I made some lifelong connections with people from all over the nation.

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