Alex Angleton

Recruiter - Tulsa, OK.

I was born and raised in Enid, Oklahoma. If a city with 50,000 people led you to believe there are social events and fun activities to fill your time with, you would be very wrong. As a child, finding entertainment felt few and far between so when it came time for sports practice or a game we were on top of the world. That was until you had a bad game knowing the car ride home was going to be full of life lessons or complete silence.

I went to Northern Oklahoma College my freshman year in Stillwater and then transferred to Oklahoma State University. I remained there for the next two years and graduated with a major in Marketing and a minor in International Business.

In College, I was as active as I could be with intermural sports ranging from basketball and flag football to cornhole on the library lawn. I was also a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity and had the opportunity to be directly involved in America’s Greatest Homecoming at OSU.

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