Brandon Shaw

Senior Recruiter - Oklahoma City, OK.

I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I would describe Tulsa as a big, little city. It has a nice, small town feel but also has some city vibes to it. I really liked that Tulsa had seasons. You get a really solid spring, summer, autumn, and winter and that makes it nice to be able to enjoy each and every one.

Growing up my mom influenced me the most, she was a single mother raising four boys and that must have been a handful for her. Knowing now what she had to go through really makes me admire her even more. She always had me strive to be the best in school and in my personal life as well.

One of the greatest lessons I learned from childhood was to take your education seriously. I know that a lot of people around me didn’t think that school was important, but my mom always instilled the value of getting an education and always looking to learn and grow.

I went to the University of Oklahoma and I studied business marketing. I was not really involved in any clubs or groups or anything like that, but I really enjoyed hanging out with new friends and new people. You know just going out and meeting folks at football games and sporting events. I also was heavily involved in playing basketball daily at the school gym and continued staying active.

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