Hannah Harrell

Recruiter - Kansas City, KS

I was fortunate to have a diverse upbringing, as my family’s journey took us from Chicago to Houston before finally making Oklahoma home. I graduated from a small high school just outside of Oklahoma City in Bethany, a small town that shuts down every Friday night in the fall to rally behind and cheer on Broncho football. This spirited display of unity has left a lasting mark on my life, instilling a deep appreciation for the power of community.

From an early age, I recognized the profound impact that people and relationships have on shaping one’s life. Whether it was through organized sports, immersing in music and theater groups, or engaging in church, I consistently found that the connections and bonds nurtured were vital. The power of genuine human connection has shaped who I am today and is one of the greatest lessons I learned growing up.

I attended the University of Oklahoma, graduated in 2020, and studied international development and nonprofit organizational studies. My time in Norman was filled with game days, sorority events, and time well spent with friends. I was honored to be involved in the President’s Leadership Class, and this invaluable opportunity allowed me to actively serve on multiple teams, pouring my energy into giving back to the very campus that gave so much to me. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree from the University of Alabama in organizational communication and leadership. With eager anticipation, I look forward to using the skills and insights learned for personal and professional endeavors.

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