Jen Jamison

Account Manager - Raleigh, NC

I grew up in Akron, Ohio. Akron is a small city between Cleveland and Canton made up of very hard-working people. Known for being the “rubber” city because the headquarters of Firestone and Goodyear rubber companies were built there. See that Goodyear blimp over that sporting event? You guessed it – from Akron. We are also known as the hometown of Lebron James.

While growing up I was influenced the most by my grandfather. He was the most supportive, honest and dedicated person I have ever known. He taught me to always strive to better, be loyal and most importantly to be myself. One of the greatest lessons I learned in my childhood was to never give up. Regardless of the struggles of life, I learned that you can always pick yourself back up, Learn the lesson, grow from it and maybe even laugh at yourself along the way. I studied at the University of Akron and majored in Psychology.

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