Kamri Blake

Intern - Oklahoma City, OK

I grew up in a small town called Durant, Oklahoma. Which now is growing at a crazy rate. Not many things to do there but it’s right next to Lake Texoma. My family and I are huge lake people so in the summer that’s usually where we spend all our free time. Growing up, someone who influenced me the most would be my aunt. She was the first entrepreneur I got to watch become successful while enjoying it at the same time. Lots of notes were taken from her as I grew up. A huge lesson I learned throughout growing up would be that it is okay to make mistakes sometimes and to instead be critical on the pace of growth instead of opportunities to learn from.


I currently go to Oklahoma State University and will graduate in May of 2025. I am studying marketing and entrepreneurship. It’s more broad classes with some specifics here and there so it has helped me a lot in the general view of relations and business. I’m in Alpha Chi Omega at Oklahoma State, where I stay super busy in. Some things my friends and I like to do around campus are play pickleball or sand volleyball, only when the weather isn’t being indecisive.

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