Keely Hayes

Senior Recruiter - Kansas City, KS.

I grew up in Miami, Oklahoma. I would describe my hometown as very small; everyone knows everyone so that can be a good thing and a bad thing at times!

The thing that probably influenced me the most growing up was my family. One of the greatest lessons I learned growing up was from both of my parents. This advice was to not let fear stop me from trying something new.

I feel like this advice can definitely apply to many other things in life as well, that’s just the example that I remember originally getting that advice from.

I went to the University of Arkansas and majored in Business Management with minors in Marketing and Communications.

I was on the dance team/pom squad for four years there and we performed at football, basketball, and baseball games.

Whenever they drove up through the drive through and received all of those groceries, you could just see the happiness and just the genuine thankfulness that they had for us.

That was definitely one of my favorite things I’ve done.

I wasn’t quite sure on what exactly I wanted to do or what career path I wanted to take. I knew that I wanted to be doing something in business. I was definitely looking for a company with an awesome culture I wanted to feel welcomed. I wanted to feel like an individual rather than just another employee or a number as some people say and that’s definitely what I felt at Inceed.

Every person that I talked to felt so welcoming and genuine. That’s how I made my decision to start with Inceed straight out of college.


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