Lindsey Hopp

Recruiter - Oklahoma City, OK.

I was born and raised in Elgin, Illinois a suburb about 40 miles outside of Chicago. My hometown was what I would describe as a regular metropolitan city and was the last stop for the metro train that led to Chicago which was conveniently about 5 minutes from where I lived.

Throughout my years, I would go into the city with family and friends using the train to explore museums, walk around the lakeside, and attend various other events and concerts. Of course, I was able to get the full traffic and driving experience which tends to be a topic of discussion and praise whenever I get onto any highway system with a newcomer passenger.

Growing up, I experienced a lot of movement in where I called home and lived with various adults by whom I was able to learn and grow from during different times throughout my upbringing. My adolescent years taught me how to be adaptable, embrace change, and focus on the things I could control. After graduating early from high school, I began higher education at my local community college in which I was heavily involved in multiple projects throughout the campus which included co-creating a mentor program for non-traditional students of whom I most closely related to.

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