Maclaine Merrell

Recruiter - Denver, CO.

“Inspire. Serve. Succeed.”

If I break our slogan down, inspire makes me think of my loved ones! My family and my amazing friends are everything to me! I am a big advocate of “you are who you hang out with,” and I can honestly say that when I look at my loved ones, they each have qualities that I admire immensely! They challenge the way I think and the way I respond to things and constantly inspire me to be the best version of myself!

I think Serve might be the most important because there is no greater feeling then being able to lend a helping hand, share an encouraging word, and help others in the way that you have been helped! It is such a great feeling to remember all the help you have received and be able to pay it forward.

Succeed is the result of being inspired and serving those around you! With the support and encouragement of each other, together we are each able to achieve our unique and individual goals!

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