Makenzie Bexten

Account Manager - Charlotte, NC

I definitely like to win but I see value in losing and I’m not one to give up after a loss. I’ll take it in stride and come back stronger. I’ve always grown up in sports and always been involved in athletics. Even with being injured for basically every single season I’ve ever participated in, it’s never prevented me from competing and doing what I have to do to make sure I get to participate and play and hopefully win.

I would like to feel a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment from my work. I want to set new records and continue to raise the bar in each new role and challenge.

But I also want to have a family and feel like I can balance both. Super mom!

I grew up in Overland Park, KS. At the time it was a combination of rural life and city life. There’s a lot of restaurants and it’s pretty close to Kansas City. But I had a lot of friends that lived on farmland or property as well.

Both of my parents worked full-time. They both worked really hard. My dad owns his own business, so he definitely ingrained in me what hard work, discipline, and having accountability for yourself looks like. He taught me to take pride in your performance, whether it be in sports, school, or your career. My mom is self-made and worked her way up in her company from starting in an administrative role to being the longest tenured employee and a major department head. She has shown me that growth does not come overnight, and you can’t expect anything to be given to you. If you work hard and outperform the expectations, it will show.

I went to Kansas State University and studied Human Nutrition. I cheered for three years and worked part time at a nursing home while I attended university.

When I’m not working, I like to do pretty much anything that’s outside or active. Fishing, biking, running, hiking, surfing, paddleboarding… you name it. I grew up taking vacations that revolved around doing activities like skiing or hiking and now, as an adult, I plan most of my travel in the same way.


In recruiting, I wanted every candidate I spoke with to be able to feel how much I genuinely cared about what they’re looking for or the change they’re trying to make. Your job is where you spend most of your day, so I wanted them to know that I always had their best interests in mind. It wasn’t just about getting a placement or your commission check. I went into every conversation really trying to understand what that change looked like for them and then hopefully find the best or closest match to that.

As an Account Manager, I want to understand the impact that adding or filling this role will have on their team. I try my best to learn about their culture and what makes someone successful in that environment so we can deliver the right person on the first try.

I invest a lot of myself and my energy into my relationships and I would hope that my friends, family, candidates, and clients all feel that way after meeting with me. And I also provide some comic relief where I can. 😊

I originally started out in the Tulsa, OK office. The Tulsa office feels like a big group of friends. It’s very inviting and collaborative. It’s amazing just how much everybody wants everyone else to succeed. You could always feel it with the account managers wanting you to get placements or helping source people to you for new jobs. They feel your disappointment when things don’t go as planned, even when it’s something that doesn’t necessarily involve them.

Now that I am in Charlotte, NC, on the ground floor of growing a new branch, I want to keep that culture consistent. Account Managers can’t do their job without great recruiters and vice versa. Everyone has bad days and there are always victories to celebrate. I want to make sure that the Charlotte office is a great place to work. After all, most people spend as much time at work as they do at home. Not only should our office feel like a family, but it reminds us why we do what we do.

An organization that I have been involved with on multiple occasions is the Ronald McDonald house. Especially around Christmas time. They are always in need of necessity items, but they add special things to the list to give children in need a great holiday.


I can still do a backflip, so that’s kind of cool. I do one a few times each year just to make sure I can still do it.

Before Inceed, I worked for a nonprofit health system as a Nutrition Coach and Operations Manager. I would create meal plans for clients to help them achieve their health goals, discuss and learn about their motivations or triggers, talk through setbacks, and plan for upcoming challenges. I felt like I had hit a ceiling in that position. There was nowhere else for me to grow. I was promoted twice within six months and the only person above me was our franchise owner. My income was really limited being in a nonprofit and I was also looking to relocate to Tulsa at the time.

I really loved the culture at my last job but when I found Inceed, it felt like I was leaving one family for another. It provided the perfect combination of feeling fulfilled, providing a sense of competition, and being able to achieve my own financial goals through dedication, consistency, and hard work.


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