Marci Mellberg

Denver, CO - Recruiter

Before Inceed, I had a myriad of professions. I’ve done everything from running a restaurant, to working as a cosmetologist, to working in the car rental and car insurance world. I didn’t really have set ambitions. I knew I wanted to help people, but it was difficult seeing how the work I was doing was helping anyone else and I was really having trouble finding a sense of purpose.

One of my friends has been with Inceed for about two years and was poking me to try to get me to switch over. It took some deep soul searching to realize that what I was doing would not ultimately lead me to a career that would fulfill me. Helping others to better themselves while working for a company that believes me in me would be a much better fit. After my short time with Inceed, I now realize she’s been right the entire time.

I knew that Inceed was something better during my interview process. I had a medical emergency come up and had to reschedule my interview. I thought I had missed a good opportunity but explained what was going on and the internal recruiter was not only understanding, but she was also forgiving and willing to give me a second chance. I knew I had landed into something great when, during the onboarding process, I had a family emergency at home and was trying to quietly keep my focus on training while thinking about what was going on at home. After mentioning what was going on, everyone that knew about the challenge worked to help me set up a plan to return home so that I could be with my partner during this time. I wouldn’t have changed jobs if it wasn’t “something better” than where I had been before, but “something better” doesn’t begin to describe how grateful I am to have found myself here.

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