Taylor Norton

Intern - Tulsa, OK

I had the opportunity to grow up in Jenks, OK. Jenks is a small city, but there is always a good time waiting to happen.

My mom was my biggest motivator growing up. She was always working hard to ensure my siblings and I always had everything that we needed. Since she showed me that hard work pays off, I have always given 110% at what I do. One of the greatest lessons I learned as a child is to never give up in what you believe in no matter how tough the task gets. I look back at this a lot because times get tough and all you want to do is to find the easiest way out when that will only make things tougher in the long run. Stick it out and see it through.

I am currently attending Oklahoma State University. My major is marketing with a concentration in professional sales and management. I often attend the Veteran Succuss Centers events and have attended some of the transfer students event center activities.

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