Abby Wright – Active Minds

The last place I volunteered was at the Active Minds Organization. This organization supports ending the stigma that surrounds mental health and mental health conversations on college campuses and among young adults. I think that with our generation this is one of the biggest struggles in young adults and deserves to be recognized.

Active Minds has chapters on college campuses (including OSU) and we participate in walks to raise awareness, mental health keynote speakers, and a program called “Send Silence Packing” where personal stories are shared that bring awareness to issues surrounding mental health and provide resources for those struggling.

Active Minds is making an impact on people everywhere and in big ways. Bringing awareness to mental health battles and the signs that are present when someone is having trouble. This organization has saved lives and helped thousands of friends and family members support those who need it.

 I have seen firsthand how this organization and its cause can save a life and protect those who are silently struggling. It is a reminder that no one is alone and allows you to be there for people who might not think they have anyone to go to. I encourage everyone to get involved with Active Minds and see the impact it can have!