Fraud Alert

Inceed is aware of certain job scams targeting unsuspecting job seekers. In some instances, scammers are pretending to be members of Inceed and are reaching out to job seekers about fictitious job opportunities. We’ve even heard about cases where scammers claim they are calling about legitimate jobs a company has posted on job boards like Indeed. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself.

  • Instant Messaging
    • We will never reach out to you from an instant messaging service like Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. 
  • Too Good to Be True
    • Be wary of any jobs that sound too good to be true. (i.e. watch movies at home and earn 6 figures for part-time work) 
  • Unreliable Websites
    • Be wary of any jobs posted on any freelance sites. Check that any posts on third-party sites are tied to our verified Inceed accounts.
  • We Won’t Ask for Money
    • We will never charge candidates a fee to apply for a position or ask that you cover our costs for anything.
  • Emails from Free Accounts
    • Our recruiters will always email you from an inceed.com email address. Be wary of any emails coming from Gmail, Yahoo, or another free email service.

If you are worried that you’ve been contacted by someone posing as an Inceed employee, you can call our corporate office at 918-388-1888 to verify who from Inceed has reached out to you. If you are worried that someone is presenting a fake Inceed job to you, you can check our website (jobs.inceed.com) to view our active job listings.

If you would like to report a job scam, visit: