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Like a lot of companies, we offer staffing services for finance and accounting positions — from CFOs to accounts payable. What's not like those other companies, is how we do it.

We don't just fill out forms. We do actual legwork — as if we were doing the hiring for ourselves. We meet candidates in person. We dive deep into references. We learn all about them — strengths and weaknesses.

We go above and beyond what others do, so that by the time you interview them, you know they're qualified, available, interested ... and that we believe they're a good fit for you. Because if we don't think so, you won't ever see them.

Whether you need short term accounting help or a full-time controller, inceed can find the talent that fits your company, your culture and your specific needs. Just ask.

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"I could be hiding in a stack of 500 resumes. How are you going to find me?" — Nicole Drake, Finance Analyst


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