Account Manager

Seeking Motivated Seller Extraordinaire:

Unlimited Earning Potential! Ginormous Penthouse Office! World Peace!


The listings for sales jobs make some pretty outrageous claims (see above). But at Inceed, we take a different tact: We shoot straight with you. Here’s the gig:


What It Is

Sell Our Recruiting Services: Speak with companies. Your job involves building real and lasting relationships with businesses in efforts to sell our recruiting services.

Not as Gross as it Sounds: Sure, the end goal is to sell. But we don’t take our relationships lightly. We prioritize being honest and open. We make friends. We network. We give and take. Don’t worry. We pride ourselves on not being like any other recruiting firm.

Growth Opportunity: The culture of our office is top priority. We don’t hire from other firms because bad habits can kill, and we don’t want any of that here. We are not ashamed to admit that we are somewhat of an exclusive club. Our team is made up of hardworking, dedicated, positive people and we continually look to promote from within our current staff. The last thing we are is “dead end”.

No Experience Necessary: In fact, we prefer you not have any experience in the recruiting world. Our team is a melting-pot of backgrounds, from teachers to fill-in-the-blank. We’ll teach you what you need to know. You bring stuff like a strong work ethic, integrity, smarts, and a gag reflex for drama and office politics.

Financial Security: The more you learn, the more your paycheck grows. But we want you to be comfortable from day one. That’s why we provide a competitive base pay on top of commissions.

A Chance to Make Big Bucks: We’re not going to say “unlimited” because, well, you want a life outside of work, right? But the earning curve is seriously steep. Work hard and you’ll be rewarded. Lots.

A Chance to Make a Difference: Above all, we whole-heartedly believe in what we do. As soon as you shake our hands, you’ll feel it. We truly change lives by finding people a healthier office environment, better pay, increased stability, and more.

We have openings in Houston, Oklahoma City, Denver, Kansas City, Raleigh and Tulsa. But the training’s in Tulsa. Hey, we said we’d shoot straight with you.


What It’s Not

9 to 5: It’s actually 7:30-5:30 or 8-6. You pick. We work an hour extra so we can get every other Friday off (That’s 26 Fridays a year!).

Success at the Expense of Others: We work crazy hard. Still, we’re committed to being family-first. We support one-another, celebrate success, and inspire each other. This is a family. We don’t step on each others toes.

Mindless: Do you really want a job where you’re not challenged? Our days fly by because we are fully engaged, problem-solving, and pushing our limits. Even so, we make it fun! Bonuses, trips to Cabo, birthday celebrations, and more. It’s hard work. But somehow, it’s awesome.

10 Layers of Bureaucracy: Whether you’re just starting out or you have 10 years’ experience, we are eager to hear your ideas. Sure, our job titles are different, but everyone is treated equally. Be ready to see our partners regularly as they hand out high-fives to the entire office.

High Turnover: We must be doing something right. People come. People tend to stay.


The Tedious Details


  • Represent our consulting services and solutions to companies
  • Cold call, generate leads and referrals
  • Daily travel
  • Aggressively grow customer base
  • Create, present and deliver customized IT/Telecom and/or Accounting/Finance recruiting and consulting services to prospects
  • Manage relationships with new and existing candidates/clients
  • Expand range of services used by current customers
  • Fit in, have fun, and don’t be a jerk (shooting straight again)


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Desire and ability to sell
  • Excellent communication and selling skills
  • Organization and time management skills
  • Self-directed and goal oriented
  • Enjoy building a territory/developing new business
  • Desire and energy to perform and earn


  • Base salary plus commission
  • Aggressive bonus plan for exceptional performance
  • Competitive benefit plan
  • Mileage/travel expenses