Seeking Inspiring Interns

No latte artists or professional filers needed here. We are creating a different kind of internship; One with purpose. Oh, have we piqued your interest? Here’s the gig:

What It Is:

  • Learn About Our Business: “What is staffing?” “What is recruiting?” “What do they sell?” “Wait, people make money doing this?” It’s ok, we all started out with those questions too. You’ll learn the ins and outs of this business… of our business… because we do things a little different. 
  • A Chance to Make a Difference: It’s not cheesy, it’s true. The work we do literally changes peoples’ lives. A new job can mean greater stability, it can mean finally building that dream home, sometimes it means a healthier work environment. The list goes on. 
  • A Foot in the Door: Once you walk through the Inceed doors, you’re part of the family. And that includes after the internship ends. In fact, in many cases, we offer fulltime opportunities. 
  • Eight to Five: We’re a little crazy but, don’t worry, our hours are normal. The internship is Monday through Friday, 8AM – 5PM in our Tulsa, OK headquarters. The first day of your six-week position will be May 24. 
  • A Chance to Make (semi) Big Bucks: We respect and value your time. This is a paid internship with options to earn bonuses at $500 a piece!

What It’s Not:

  • Being a Go-fer: Forget fetching files. Ditch the coffee runs. Our interns are deeply ingrained into the company. This includes three weeks of training followed by three weeks aligned with the sales teams. 
  • Cushy: Not going to lie, we give—and expect—110%. But we make it fun. We’re a competitive bunch. It’s hard work. But somehow, it’s awesome.
  • Success at the Expense of Others: We work crazy hard to make a bundle and get promoted. But we’re all on the same team, so we actually support each other.
  • 10 Layers of Bureaucracy: We’ve got smart people around here. So, we don’t bury them under a blanket of middle management. Wanna talk to the partners? Do it.

If interested, please reach out to Jennifer Tannehill at jtannehill@inceed.com or 918-388-1888.