Allison Fredstorm

Recruiter - Denver, CO

Hey y’all! I grew up in Plainfield, Illinois. My hometown has the same ole’ parks, Tuesday night car shows, and pretty-lit downtown strip that I walked as a kid. Growing up I was most influenced by the mentors and coaches I came across through sports. I can reflect on several softball, basketball, and volleyball coaches that truly impacted my life through their discipline, investment of me, and the wisdom they always shared. Sports had such a way of giving me a unique lesson on life, winning and losing, and why a hard work ethic and solid attitude was and is so crucial everything you do. Speaking of lessons on life, one of the greatest lessons I learned from my childhood was that I was entitled to nothing. If I wanted it, I better go get it—plain and simple! This really stirred a fiery motivation and grit in me from a young age.

I went to Northwestern University where I had the privilege of playing women’s volleyball in the Big Ten and studied human development and psychological services. I was also involved in a ministry organization called Athletes in Action – an organization that helps you grow as an athlete – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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