Andi Minatrea

Branch Manager - Houston, TX.

Where did you grow up?

Missouri City, TX

How would you describe your hometown?

Suburb of a big ole’ city and 30 mins from Astroworld.

Who or what influenced you the most growing up?

My dad. He is the most kind and patient person I know.

What’s one of the greatest lessons you learned from your childhood?

My mom used to always say, “ we make a plan and God laughs”. Kind of a silly saying but it always taught me to accept what was on going in the moment and helped me learn to be flexible. She also would tell me “If you can get yourself into jail, then you can get yourself out”. She was all about tough love.

Where did you go to college and what did you study?

University of North Texas, Hospitality Management

Were you involved in any clubs/groups/athletics/extra-curricular activities in college?

I played intramurals, was in a sorority, an Eagle Camp Counselor and Coordinator, an Orientation Leader, President of NT40 which was an organization for leaders on campus across different groups/ backgrounds, and Homecoming Queen my senior year of college.

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