Andra Eve

Account Manager - Tulsa, OK.

I grew up in Tulsa and went to Bixby High School. If you’re from Tulsa, you know that it is a small, big town meaning everyone knows everyone. It’s always fun making connections and Tulsa has always been a great place for that.

Growing up, I would say my mom influenced me the most. It might be a little cheesy to say but honestly, she really taught me not to give up. She wasn’t always one with words, but watching her actions and seeing what she has done for our family is something I really admire.

I went to Oklahoma State University, where I got my bachelors in Marketing and Management and was a member of Kappa Delta sorority. I really enjoyed my time there! I made so many memories from working on homecoming decks, participating in shows, being a teaching assistant, and everything else in-between. I grew a lot and made some pretty good friends along the way!

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