Austin Feldmann

Recruiter - Denver, CO.

I was born in Des Moines, Iowa but grew up two hours away in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Cedar Rapids is very industrial, is nicknamed the City of Five Seasons, and is also the largest processor of corn in the world.  Striving to succeed in everything I do is something that was ingrained into me by my older brother Dillon.  I had worked hard throughout grade school to set myself up to go to college the way he had.  The greatest lesson I learned from growing up is that you have to celebrate your successes because in order to make sure the hard work was worth it you need to have some fun and unwind.

After high school, I went to the University of Iowa (Go Hawks!) and majored in Enterprise Leadership, minored in Business Administration, and earned a certificate in Nonprofit Management.  I was heavily involved in leadership with my fraternity Pi Kappa Phi, and in University of Iowa Dance Marathon where I met my fiancé Katie.

The thing on my bucket list that I want to do next is to go to Munich, Germany during Oktoberfest.  I was in Germany for 10 days in high school but want to be able to go back and experience more of the German culture.

Outside of work I love to spend time with my fiancé Katie and our rescue dog Huncho!  We love to hike, go to concerts (especially at Red Rocks Amphitheater), and play tennis.  I also really enjoy playing disc golf and cooking!

We got into hiking when we decided to move out to Colorado in the Summer of 2017.  When we first visited before moving out we did a hike around Red Rocks and got lost in how much we loved being able to go somewhere so close to the city and also got lost on the trail.  We saw Kygo out at Red Rocks for our first show and know why it’s rated as the best venue in the world.  Our goal is to hike more 14ers as we have only hiked one with Mt. Quandary and to one day hike Pikes Peak, either the full mountain (26 miles) or just hike up and take the train down.  I have been playing tennis since I was in middle school casually and Katie and I picked it up again as a good activity to do to get outside after Covid hit.

I got into disc golf in high school to still enjoy the outdoors without spending the money to go golfing, plus I’m much better at throwing a frisbee.  Cooking is something I picked up more recently.  I always liked to cook, but started to master my craft once I was able to have more time to prepare my meals with spending more time at home.  I am a huge fan of the food network and of Guy Fieri and Gordon Ramsay, so have taken a lot of what they say on their shows and use the techniques I learned from watching the different cooks in the kitchen when I was in college working at a steak house.

University of Iowa Dance Marathon (UIDM) was the most meaningful and impactful organization I have ever dedicated my time toward.  Dance Marathon is a student organization at 100’s of universities and colleges nationwide to raise money for families at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. UIDM raises money for the kiddos at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital to help with the financial impact of pediatric cancer.  This is the largest student organization at Iowa and the 4th largest Dance Marathon in the country as far as financial contributions.  Every year there is a big event in which students dance for 24 hours with no sitting, no sleeping and no caffeine before revealing the amount of money that was raised that year.

I was drawn to the organization with my cousin being treated at the university hospital and seeing how cancer affected someone close to me growing up. I had multiple friends who had done it my freshman year along with many people in my fraternity being leaders in the organization which pushed me into joining my sophomore year.  I spent one year as a dancer and two years on leadership.  My first year of leadership I was a Morale Captain and had recruited and retained 48 dancers to raise over $36,000 that year.  This was one of the most rewarding and fun years of my life as I not only met my now fiancé but met 52 other like-minded people who all collaboratively motivated 2,000+ people to raise $2.4 million. I also was paired up with a family for one of the kids who was impacted by cancer, and I was able to get to know him and spend time with him at the hospital and out at other family events.

The next year I was on the event team that planned the different activities to keep dancers at the event engaged and helped with community and university outreach. I also joined over 200 other runners in UIDM to pledge $1,000 and to run the Chicago Marathon.  I exceeded this financial goal and my motivation to be able to finish the marathon came from knowing that the kids fight a lot more pain than what I was feeling on that day.


Before Inceed I was in the rental car industry as a Manager for almost three years and transitioned into a Property Claims Adjuster in the insurance industry.  My goals in the rental car industry were to get promoted as high up as possible as this was my first job after college and was shown if you worked hard, you could make a lot of money.  I realized that what I was doing was helping people with their transportation needs whether they were on vacation or needed a vehicle because theirs was in the shop.  I was successful in moving up to a management position within a year of working there and got promoted to the airport to oversee the cleanliness and transportation of the fleet.

After COVID caused me to be laid off, I landed a role as a Property Claims Adjuster which seemed like a good fit, because I would be able to help people after damage occurred to their home. I realized that it was not exactly what I was looking for as I was still helping people, but only when something bad happened first, and wasn’t able to separate myself from the work.

I knew about Inceed through another employee Sara.  I reached out and she explained how fantastic the culture was at Inceed and while being competitive, it is very collaborative. Every employee wants to see success for everyone at the company.  Throughout the whole interview process everyone I spoke with gave off the same vibe and knew this was going to be the right career move.  This will allow me to help place others in their future careers or have a big impact on the people I get to serve.


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