Brittany Collier

Account Manager - Houston, TX.

I grew up in a Houston area suburb called Missouri City. As everyone in Houston knows, if you’re in the Houston metroplex, you just say, “I’m from Houston!” because it’s easier. I had a great support system in my mom growing up, and I credit her support, advice and friendship as a huge factor into shaping me into the woman I am today.

I honestly think Houston is such a vibrant and fun city. It’s ever changing, there’s always something to do, and there are endless amazing food choices no matter what area you are in.

I’m part of the final generation that lived before the internet. One of the greatest lessons I learned was how to entertain myself, create my own fun, use my imagination, and live in the moment. Technology, phones, and internet take that away from us over time.

I went to college at the University of North Texas and studied Hospitality Management. I participated in way too many activities. I was a founding member of the Gamma Beta chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority at UNT, I volunteered under the office of the university Vice President in an organization called Green Jackets, and I was an Orientation Leader and Freshman Camp (Eagle Camp) Counselor.

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