Brittney Spinelli

Recruiter - Charlotte, NC

I grew up in NY, not THE city but a city in Central NY. I was born and raised in Syracuse where I spent 21 years before moving to Charlotte. I was very glad to move away from all of the snow that was there! Growing up, my greatest influence were my parents, especially my dad. Both were always there to cheer me on at all my sporting events from dance recitals, gymnastics meets, to soccer and lacrosse games. We constantly stayed busy. My dad worked full time, and that helped to teach me to never give up, and things are meant to happen when they do. You can’t let the losses slow you down because there is still always more to move towards. Watching him helped me to grow into the person and worker that I am today.

I graduated from SUNY Cortland where I studied Criminology and Political Science with the intent of going to law school. I did end up going to law school and well…that’s a story for another time. In college I continued my love for lacrosse and played club for a couple years and played some golf on the side which I still do to this day.

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