Chase Lovett

Senior Recruiter - Denver, CO.

I grew up outside of Cincinnati, Ohio – home of the extremely divisive Skyline Chili. I was also about 10 minutes from a huge amusement park called Kings Island. I spent most of my childhood obsessed with sports and roller coasters. I played baseball my entire life just like my brother and dad did before me. When I went to college, I switched sports and played team handball for Miami University (the one in Ohio, not Florida!).

At Miami, I studied political science and went on to get my master’s degree in political psychology. I planned to pursue a career in politics, but quickly learned that the industry was not the right fit for me. What I love the most about my academic background is the ability to better understand people and our society.

The greatest lesson I learned growing up was the power of grit and determination. My dad paid his own way through college and started his own small business. He grew it from nothing to his life’s work over 35+ years. He instilled in me the power of the human will. No obstacle is insurmountable, and your own excuses are the only thing holding you back.

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