Erin Knight

Recruiter - Houston, TX.

So, I grew up in Houston, TX. I would probably describe my hometown with one word: Traffic.

Houston is very big with lots of people who do not know how to drive! Houston weather is just very humid, unpredictable and I can never have a good hair day.

Growing up, the person that influenced me the most would be my dad. I always talk about my dad as my twin because we pretty much look identical if I had a goatee and a bald head.

He’s always pushed me beyond measures and has shown me the kind of person I want to be as I’ve grown up. Someone that’s really hard working and driven but not just that. More so, somebody who understands sacrifice, especially for the ones that I love.

I went through a lot growing up and my dad was always the person that I wanted to go to when I was going through something hard. He would always give it to me straight which sometimes would be a hard thing to hear but he knows how I function, and he knows the best way I respond.

I went to college at Texas A&M University class of 2021, WHOOP!! I studied Human Resource Development and minored in Business. In college the only thing I was really invested in curricular activity wise was breakaway ministries I really focused and found my faith during my time in college.

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