Jill Ivy

Emerging Markets Recruiting Manager - Houston, TX.

My personal beliefs when it comes to people and relationships is finding the best way to make a connection and listening to other people. I think that is something that I truly believe and work really hard to do is listen without the intent of pushing what I want on to someone or what I believe on to someone. For reference like in terms of job opportunities, I really love to hear about what people are looking for and have transparent conversations with them about if it’s a great job opportunity for them or if this probably isn’t the best one based off of what they’re looking for. Trying to not put people in boxes and really listening and caring about what they want to do and how I can help to make that happen.

I think that translates over to my personal relationships as well, listening to people’s situations and trying to see if they want advice or if they just need someone to be able to listen and empathize. I try my best to be a great friend and be there in anything that they need.

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