Kelsey McMillan

Account Manager - Denver, CO.

I grew up in Tulsa, OK, then moved to Branson, MO (Vegas of the Midwest baby!) when I was 12 years old.

Branson is a very touristy town and, just like Tulsa, everyone knows everyone. It was extremely hard moving to a new state and new school in my middle school years, but it definitely helped mold me into the person I am today and I’m very grateful for that.

My mom has influenced me the most growing up. She was a single mom for a long time and worked very hard so that my sister and I could have the best life. She has been through a lot in her lifetime and I admire her strength and work ethic SO much. She truly is my biggest cheerleader, best friend, and hero.

I went to college at the University of Tulsa and studied Communications. I was a Cheerleader for 4 years, a member of Chi Omega, and a member of Student Association (SA). I definitely miss being on the field cheering for games and in my recent grad days I would go back for Homecoming every year just to have the chance to be on the field again and show the fans (mainly myself ?) that I still got it.

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