Kyle Denney

Account Manager - Tulsa, OK.

Oh yeah. I’m very selfish. I don’t give anything to anybody. This is somewhat incrimination. But… wow… how to describe it. It does go back to baseball. Even from a small town, there’s disadvantages and advantages. Advantages, you’re the big fish in a little pond. Everything you do is the best. Disadvantage, no one really knows about you. The competitive part is, I know there’s a lot more people out there, so I had to push myself every day to compete with the people that were outside my town. Then you get into college. Suddenly, you’re thrust into an environment of even more people from even more environments, on a national level. And you know you had to either sink or swim, quickly. Then you get into a professional environment. Now it’s the absolute best of the best in the world. Every year, each of you is chasing after only 12 open spots. It’s engrained in you. You have to be competitive. But, anyways, to articulate my competitiveness is hard. It’s just part of my DNA. It’s just me.

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