Lauren Mandrino Ragusa

Senior Recruiter - Houston, TX.

Inceed was my first job out of college, so prior to that, I was just getting my degree and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Some of my goals and ambitions were to find a company that I could grow with, that I loved the culture. Culture was a huge piece for me, when looking for a job. I interviewed a lot of different places and that was the biggest struggle that I I found. Could I see myself waking up every day and working there 8 to 5, 40 hours a week? And a lot of times I was like “no I can’t”.

The second I walked into the Inceed office, it just felt different. It felt like a place that I could see myself coming in every day, the people were nice, the culture seemed great, and they had great perks. So, I was dying for this job whenever I started interviewing and was super excited to join the team whenever that time came.

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