Lizzy Graves

Account Manager - Denver, CO.

My personal beliefs and values when it comes to relationships really come down to integrity, trust, and care in both my professional and personal world. I think the world could all use more of that in everyday relationships.

Inspire, serve, succeed: something I feel like is burned in my brain after almost nine years here. To me, it’s as simple as inspiring your team, serving your clients, which will all lead to success. Like the formula says, it ain’t complicated.

I definitely consider myself a competitive person even when it seems to be in silly things. An example is when me and some friends were skiing at Winter Park this past winter and the whole group thought a run was called “Cramer” and I knew it was called “Cranmer” with an “N”. So I made a bet that the loser had to buy the winner a beer and that was me ?.

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