Mike Condry

Vice President of Operations - Tulsa, OK.

I grew up in Broken Arrow OK. I think the best way to describe Broken Arrow is a hardworking, middle class town, just outside of Tulsa. It’s one of the bigger school districts in the state of Oklahoma but you tend to be connected to most people that grew up there.

I think the people that influenced me the most growing up would be my family. I think my mom, my dad, my brother, and my sisters made the biggest impact on me. It’s funny, when you grow up, you’re chasing your friends and always wondering what the heck they are doing having major FOMO, but as you get older you do the same thing with your family.

I always look forward to our get together with my family, so that’s something that really influenced me growing up. My mom my dad always telling us that family comes first they’ll be there at the end no matter what, through the good times through the bad times… I think one of the greatest lessons that I learned from my childhood must be when my dad told me failing to prepare is preparing to fail! He always instilled in me that if you’re not willing to put the work then the results are going to be a mixed bag of failures and successes… so I can control how hard I work and how much preparation I put into everything in my life…

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