Nathan Quarles

National Recruiting Center Manager - Tulsa, OK.

I kind of grew up all over the place. I was born here in Tulsa but then bounced around overseas a lot because my dad was in oil and gas, so I really just grew up overseas for most of my childhood.

Growing up overseas, like, everything was just a little different. It was more of a culture shock coming back to the states. It was just a different normal.

I think my parents probably influenced me the most growing up. Our family was very tight and so I think they just had a big impact on me. Just watching how they loved our family and the environment they created. They are very outgoing, adventurous.

I think the biggest take way from my childhood was probably how to be compassionate and care for others just like my parents. My parents were always thinking outside themselves and that really rubbed off on me. Just seeing how to live outside of just myself and my own selfishness and see others for who they are.

I went to college at Oral Roberts University and studied Business Management. I started a car detail business in college so that took up a lot of my time outside of school. I kind of opted for that instead of a lot of the other like extracurricular activities.


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