Tom Cowley

Director of Emerging Markets - Tulsa, OK.

Doing what we do, we’re around people all the time. People that we work with. People that we work for. When it comes to people and relationships, I personally feel like you can’t go wrong if you’re constantly, without exception, trying to do the right thing. There are thousands of words that you could string together to describe my personal beliefs and values, but in an effort to keep it simple, at the end of the day, integrity runs point for me. People who run on a high level of integrity bring all kinds of wonderful ingredients to the table.

Our company motto is Inspire Serve Succeed and, you know after working here for as long as I have, I feel like those pillars have become pretty clear to me. Might get a different answer from somebody else, but if you were to just extract the word Inspire…Inspiration is a two-way street for me. The folks that inspire also must be open and willing to being inspired. For us here at INCEED, we want our people and customers to feel inspired and we also want people to feel encouraged to provide the inspiration.

Next to that is Serve. For me, serving is beyond a task that you do. It’s a mentality! Serving others is the business that we’re in and it far exceeds helping somebody with a timesheet. It’s a mindset that comes naturally to our team. That’s how I feel about serve.

And finally, there is Success which I think is one of the more difficult ones to define because, in my opinion, success is different things for different people. I know we want to succeed together. We win when they win! They win when we win! Success is doing what you love with and for the people you love. If that’s the compass then it just becomes a matter of how we can get there.

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