Troy Elliott

Account Manager - Oklahoma City, OK.

I grew up in Flower Mound, TX, a suburb located right outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. My hometown was located in between two lakes, so in the summertime, most of the activities revolved around going on the lake with activities such as wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing, and fishing.

Growing up, my biggest influence was my dad. His work ethic is something that was so inspiring. I watched him constantly balancing work, traveling, and still making sure to make it to as many sporting events my brother and I had.

One of the things I learned in my childhood was perseverance. Struggling with a learning disability, school came very hard to me. I often had to put in double the amount of time the other kids to complete the assignments. Knowing it would take an extreme amount of time and effort to just be on the same level as other kids, it forced me to have a strong mentality of outworking everyone around me.

I went to Arkansas State University (Go Red Wolves) for college on a football scholarship and I majored in Communication Studies for my bachelor’s degree and Strategic Communications for my master’s degree.

I devoted all my energy into academics and athletics, so I didn’t have much time for other activities outside of those. I was selected by my coaches to be a part of the leadership counsel and had the responsibility of holding myself and my teammates to our program standard. My role was to make sure all my teammates were on-time for all academic related activities such as class, study hall, and tutoring.

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