Troy Elliott

Recruiter - Oklahoma City, OK.

I always grew up playing sports so I’ve always thought of myself as being an extremely competitive person. I would describe my competitive nature as relentless. Back in college, I played football. Our strength staff actually got the players to move all the weight room equipment from our old weight room into our new one. We all were moving plates across the field and I thought, you know, walking with just two at a time is not the way for it to be done. So, I got a sled and stacked multiple plates on each side and continued to push them across the field.

After many of my teammates saw me doing this, they decided to do it as well. Of course, then I had to beat everyone across the field. This was not a race by any means, but I turned it into a full competition between the team. We finished moving the equipment so much faster than expected, which resulted in our strength coach letting us have a pool day instead of normal workouts the next day.

This relates to my work because, I will try to constantly find ways to get one step above the competition. I simply won’t let people out work me, I will go above and beyond to set myself, co-workers, and Inceed for success.

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