Maddy Romoser – Wings of Hope

The last place I volunteered was for an organization called Wings of Hope.

Wings of Hope is an organization that helps with crisis and family issues, but also serves as a counseling service/shelter for women and children seeking refuge from domestic violence situations.

We got the opportunity to meet many leaders that run the Wings of Hope organization. That is what drew me into my love for helping this great cause, that has also helped so many individuals in the Payne County. We had many different events that we would put on with my sorority in support of Wings of Hope, but my favorite was a weekend long softball tournament that would occur in the spring.

We did a bunch of events leading up to the main event, where we would raise money through food events, T-shirt sales, and signing up softball teams to play in the tournament. The entire weekend was a blast and many Greek life members at OSU came to watch this softball tournament. It was such a great opportunity because we at the end of the tournament we would get to present a check to the directors of Wings of Hope.

Most years, the checks have been over $40,000 so it was great to see that number and just know how much of an impact it’s going to make for that organization. Wings of Hope has been able to help so many individuals that have been affected by domestic violence. I just think that’s such an amazing cause because you just don’t realize how often domestic violence occurs in our world, let alone our own county.

I’m just grateful for the small impact that I got to be a part of in helping that organization continue to prosper and be able to provide resources for those individuals affected move on from those situations.