Brandon Shaw – Mercy Housing

One of the last places I’ve volunteered was actually with one of our clients here in Inceed. They’re called Mercy Housing. I was really drawn to them as they help underprivileged families and help provide them with affordable housing. The types of people and families range from the elderly all the way to just, you know, regular families that need homes.

I spent my time volunteering in a few different ways. I did a backpack drive for kids starting school. That was really rewarding for me because we were able to purchase a lot of school supplies and the kids got to come in pick their backpacks, choose the supplies they needed for school and you could really see their eyes light up.

Another time, I helped feed an elderly community a Thanksgiving dinner. I really enjoyed that. I got to have great conversations while handing out food. They were so appreciative.

It really affected me just because it makes you thankful for what you have and having people around you. I do look to continue to volunteer for similar organizations if not that same one in the future.