Jilly Ivy – Natural Disaster Team

The last place I volunteered my time is a little unconventional. There was a tornado that hit a neighborhood in Onalaska, TX where my Grandfather owns a lake house. It was a large tornado and not typical for that area so a lot of homes were destroyed and a lot of families needed help.

I went up during the pandemic and spent some time trying my best to clean up and organize things any way we could for both my grandfathers house and the homes in the surrounding area.

It was difficult to see, especially during a global pandemic. It was awesome though, to see the community and how everyone showed up in any way that was needed.

In times of hardships and disasters it’s really great to see the amount of care, time, and dedication that goes into helping people and something I absolutely wanted to dedicate my time to.

In the end, we were able to get a lot of things done and help a lot of people which is super important.